22 September 2010

Ticker Tape Quilts = Totally Awesome

Have you heard of Ticker Tape Quilts? Well, they're just about the coolest things ever, in my opinion. I've always wanted to try my hand at quilting, but the thought of cutting out hundreds of squares and triangles gives me a headache. I love the raw edges and the fact that it is made with scraps. Barely any cutting, since I already hold onto scraps like they're bits of gold. I think that ticker tape quilts and I are a match made in heaven. I've decided that I want to make one in all shades of turquoise and lime green, with a black background. I got really excited the other day, and wanted to get started. Sadly, i discovered that at some point I used up all of my black quilter's cotton and never got around to replacing it. I have yards and yards of black suiting, black jersey, black twill, black lining, all kinds of black fabric - but no plain black cotton! Sad face. So, it looks like I will have to put my ticker tape quilt on hold until I can scrounge up some cash for a Trip to the Fabric Store.

Sorry for the layout issues, by the way. I just can't seem to get the photos to cooperate. Also, the pictures are links to where I found them. In theory.

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